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Kangen Water

The highest quality restructured ionized water in the world

The Health Insurance of Tomorrow

Fact:  It costs 16 times more to treat a disease then it takes to prevent it.

Water is the base of the Nutritional Food Pyramid

Our bodies are 70% water & 30% solids. U.S. Medicine treats the 30% of solids & neglects the 70% water in our bodies. This water is involved in every process occurring within our bodies. Water is by far the most important substance we put in our bodies, but ironically we worry more about the foods we eat then the water we drink. We must drink the right water or our bodies will become dehydrated & acidic causing all types of diseases. Without the right water, it�s not a matter of if, it's a matter of when one of the �American Degenerative Diseases� will catch up with you. The solution is drinking the highest quality restructured ionized water known as Kangen Water™

Tap is bad, so we drinkbottled water---Wrong!

As we all know, tap water is not healthy to drink. There is chlorine, fluoride, lye, many other chemicals & metals depending on the area you live in.

Reverse Osmosis Water (RO water) also known as pure water or purified water which are bottled waters. RO water is �dead water� all the toxins have been removed, but all the other good minerals & ions have been removed also. This dead water will absorb minerals & nutrients out of you body. Bottled waters are very acidic and are oxidizers. If you have a pool, test the acidity of the water yourself with the ph drops. Drinking acidic waters & drinks actually cause the body to dehydrate the body which is the root problem of most health disorders today.

Our bodies are designed to be in a slightly alkaline state, but our diets & lifestyle make our bodies acidic. An acidic body is not healthly. The blood PH must be 7.35-7.45 or we die. As fluids other then our blood become acidic, our body steals minerals from other processes to maintain the alkline state. As the body runs out of minerals, the immune system kicks in & does whatever it has to do to maiantain the blood PH. This imbalance is commonly know as acidosis.

Think of the immune system as a army defending it's country. An unexpected invader (acidosis) approaches on the flank, the army sends resources from the main defenses to reenforce that flank. Meanwhile, the main defenses are weakened, an attack is launched(by disease-infection) & the main defenses are no longer strong enough to hold off the attack, resulting in sickness.

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