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Noritz & Takagi Tankless Water Heaters
Installed & Serviced by D & R Plumbing, Inc.

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Takagi & Noritz tankless heaters can be up to 50% more efficient then standard tank type heaters. There is no storage tank to keep hot or to re-heat. When a standard tank water heater is in use, cold water flows in at the same rate as the hot water is exiting. This causes the hot water in the tank to cool very fast. For example, I've seen 50 gallon storage water heaters only put out 15 gallons of hot water! If you have a big tub, big family or just like to take long showers, a Rinnai or Takagi is for you!

Takagi & Noritz are quality companies providing excellent customer service. Both companies make outstanding tankless heaters and with products like these, we don't need to carry any other brand. Rest assured our journeyman plumber will select the right heater for your application.

We layout & design every installation. After the right heater and location has been determined, our plumber will calculate the correct size of the gas suppy required and install, design/install the venting system as needed, install manifolds with valves at the water connections for future cleaning/flushing, modify water system as needed, and install an electrical outet if needed. A properly installed Noritz or Takagi tankless water heater will provide you with years of efficient trouble-free operation and never run out of hot water.

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