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Water Heaters

Whether you need routine maintenance, a simple repair or water heater replacement, we are your local choice! Routine maintenance can consist of draining/flushing, cleaning out the firebox, and general cleaning around the heater to allow it to get the proper air flow for efficient operation. A simple repair can be a thermal couple, or T & P valve. The only other component on a water heater that is typically replaceable is the control valve, but usually if the heater needs a control valve, tank failure is not far behind. A this point, it�s time to replace it.

Routine maintenance is easy & important You can do it yourself or call us (909)627-2697 to do it for you. Keep the water heater & area around it clean & clear of obstructions. Never store soaps, cleaners or chemicals around your heater. Even if not flammable, the chemicals can form corrosive vapors that will eat your water heater tank and cause failure. If you choose to do-it-yourself consult your water heater�s owner�s manual for details.

Just because your water heater is leaking, doesn�t mean it needs to be replaced. It could be leaking water supplies on the top of the heater or a bad drain valve. If it is the tank, then replacement is required. Our water heater replacements consists of removing & disposing of the old heater, replace shutoff valve & supplies, replace gas cock & supply, new T& P valve, earthquake restraints, repair the platform as needed. If you have a water heater that is marginal, this may be the time to replace it.

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