Cibola Service Form

Hello Cibola!

I will be in town to do the 2024 backflow testing July 1st to Aug 31st. Please take advantage of this time frame as cost to test may be more if a special trip is required. Cost to test (pass or fail) will be $55.00 COD, or prepaid in advance. This includes filing paperwork with the water company and any follow up needed.

Please return or submit the online form with your payment & I’ll do the rest. To schedule your test with COD payment, contact 909 627-2697, email me at or mail to D & R Plumbing 12726 Roswell Ave Chino, CA 91710. Be sure to provide the information below as it appears on your water bill, and payment.

The backflow preventers in Cibola are starting to need work. In an effort to keep costs down, expedite repairs and save you money, I have attached a price list on page 2 for repairs if needed at the time of testing. These prices are only valid at time of testing. If you choose not to pre- approve repairs, cost to repair will be higher. If the device is not serviceable, I will contact you for approval prior to replacement.